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Identity verification and emotion recognition based on biometric data

There has been a lack of reliable, easy-to-use methods to ensure the identity of online service users, despite an enormous growth of online and self-service digital services.

Candour Biometrics offers automated ID document checking and identity verification based on the biometrics of the user’s face, as well as facial and emotion analysis combined with our proprietary anti-spoofing algorithm.

The roots of Candour are in the University of Oulu Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis. Our core developers have deep experience in AI-based facial identification and microexpression technologies. Candour closely collaborates with the CMVS research group.


Our Solution

Candour ID

Candour ID is a mobile-compatible online service enabling the end user to verify his/her identity using an official ID document (e.g. passport, ID card) combined with facial image. Our proprietary anti-spoofing check makes sure that the process can’t be fooled: 3D masks, prints or replays don’t do the trick. Document signing and KYC processes are optionally included in the process.

Our Solution

Candour Feel

Candour Feel is an online service for recognizing basic emotions (happy, scared, sad, angry, disgusted, surprised) from facial and voice signals. It can also detect microexpressions from facial video.

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