Automated ID document validation & identity check

There is a lack of reliable, easy-to-use methods to ensure the identity of an online service user. Candour ID offers a fast and safe solution for the growing demand for self-service digital identification. Document signing and KYC are optionally included in the process.

Candour ID

For end users

You will get the request to verify your identity from the service provider by email. Scan an official ID document using your device’s camera. After that, take a selfie for the biometric identification. Now you have been identified successfully. Then answer the KYC questionnaire and sign the requested documents.

User's facial recognition using a mobile phone camera

Immediate result on screen

Strong anti-spoofing enabled

Candour Biometrics - Identity verified

Candour ID

For administrators

Invite your customer to identify themselves, and optionally gather KYC information and send documents for signature in the same process. Track identification results in your corporate management suite. Provide audit reports instantly without extra cost.


Time & location independency